Dental mercury’s disastrous impact on communities coast to coast

Dental patients are exposed to mercury when amalgam is implanted in their teeth – but the amalgam problem doesn’t stop there. By making toxic mercury their foundation stone, the American Dental Association and the pro-mercury dentists are wreaking havoc in our communities.

That is why so many businesses and community members from all walks of life are now supporting mercury-free dentistry, including:

  • Dental personnel: Some of the most direct victims of mercury use in dentistry are the hygienists, assistants and office staff working in clinics that use amalgam. 
  • Fishermen: When dental mercury reaches our lakes and rivers, it can contaminate fish, which threatens the livelihood of fishermen (not to mention the health of people who eat mercury-laden fish). 
  • Funeral homes: Funeral directors who wish to start crematoria may be obliged to spend enormous sums for pollution control equipment to help capture the mercury from bodies with amalgam in their teeth.
  • Property owners: When mercury from dental offices gets into the pipes, property owners are stuck with the clean-up bill.
  • Taxpayers: Who pays for cleaning up the water that passes through our public wastewater system (if it gets cleaned up at all)? It’s you, the taxpayer who is handed the bill.

The list of community members affected by amalgam use goes on.  It’s time to take a stand for our communities: No more dental mercury!

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