State requires written informed consent before amalgam use

To dentists reading this message especially, who for so long had to justify practicing mercury-free dentistry, we can proudly announce that the tables have turned.

In Maine, it’s the pro-mercury dentists who by law now must disclose amalgam’s risks and the availability of mercury-free fillings – and who must obtain written consent from the patient or parent/guardian before implanting amalgam. As you can see, the word “mercury” – the term the ADA tried to hide for a century – is mentioned multiple times in this rule:

"Use of mercury or mercury amalgam. A licensee who uses mercury or mercury amalgam in any dental procedure shall obtain written informed consent from the patient (or the patient’s legal guardian). The informed consent will identify the risks, benefits, contraindicators and alternatives to the use of mercury or mercury amalgam in dental procedures." Maine Reg. 02-313, Chap. 12 (III) (C).

A petition Consumers for Dental Choice spearheaded last year led to this new rule, which became official last week in the Secretary of State’s official rules. (It cannot be easily repealed; that would require the same labyrinthian process we went through to achieve it.)

This development in Maine shows, once again, that dentists who use only mercury-free fillings are far ahead of the curve in their profession! And the consumers of Maine are the winners. With the new rule, they will get the facts – and informed consumer choice leads straight to mercury-free dentistry!

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