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We’ve been kicking off the new year here at Consumers for Dental Choice with some positive exposure for mercury-free dentistry!

First, we are reaching out to dental patients who might not yet be going to a mercury-free dentist.  In an article in his natural health newsletter, Dr. Mercola explains why everyone should patronize mercury-free dentists – for the sake of their health, their environment, and their children.  

Second, we are moving into the mainstream trade dental press to reach out to dentists who might not yet practice mercury-free dentistry.  In my commentary appearing in Dentistry Today, entitled “Berlin Declaration Shows Amalgam Has Entered Its Twilight Era”,  I explain just a few of the reasons why they should join so many people – from dentists and physicians to environmentalists and engineers to patients and parents – in welcoming an amalgam-free world.  

Thank you for continuing to support our campaign!  Together, we will make sure that everyone, whether patient or dentist, understands the importance of mercury-free dentistry in 2018!

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