Help get signatures on this petition to FDA!

With the European Union banning amalgam for children, pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers, Consumers for Dental Choice now spearheads the campaign to get the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) bureaucracy to catch up!  We kicked it off with a petition* calling for FDA to ban mercury fillings in these vulnerable populations like the European Union did.  

To the 28,000+ folks who already signed – thank you! If you haven’t signed yet, please take 30 seconds to sign by clicking here

Mercury-free dentistry champion Dr. Joseph Mercola is promoting our petition in a new blog post. And we are honored that so many dentists and consumers have pitched in to collect signatures!  

You can help too! Advance this petition in a big way today by:

  • Posting a link to the petition (
    on your Facebook page, Twitter account, website and/or E-newsletter
  • Forwarding this email to your contact list along with a cover note asking them to join you in signing the petition
  • Asking your contacts to share the petition with their friends and family too

With your help, we can send a strong message to FDA!

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