Consumers for Dental Choice joins with Oregonians for Life & Oregon Center for Environmental Health to Crumble Gag Rule in Oregon

Press Releases: 05.11.05

Contact: Sandy Duffy
Consumers for Dental Choice Northwest

Oregon Board of Dentistry’s RED FACE Has Dentists SMILING!

Free to speak… free to offer health care choices…free to

SAY the ‘M’ word!

The Oregon Board of Dentistry has been embarrassed into dismissing a sham “investigation” of dentists who tell their patients amalgam dental fillings contain mercury and may cause health problems

Four Oregon dentists who advertised their ‘mercury-free’ practices during a KOIN TV program were accused of “misleading” the public because they expressed their concerns about amalgam fillings (which contain 50% elemental mercury) used by many dentists.

Despite acknowledgement by the World Health Organization that dental amalgam fillings are the #1 source of mercury in the human body, the Oregon Board of Dentistry refuses to allow Oregon dentists the freedom to share that information with the public or their patients. Time and again, the OBD harasses and intimidates those who dare to speak the truth to dental consumers.

This week’s backing down of the OBD shows once again this rogue agency needs to adopt a “hands-off” approach to dentists who choose to practice health care without using a known toxin in their patient’s mouths.

Been there…done that…

In February of 2002 the ACLU threatened to sue the Board of Dentistry if it did not rescind its written policy which prohibits dentists from recommending removal of mercury fillings to their patients and counseling those patients that amalgam  fillings contain toxic mercury.

Apparently, the BOD needed to be reminded again that dentists who choose to offer mercury-free care are NOT criminals!

Dentists and consumers alike should be outraged at the strong-arm tactics used by the Board.

Three years ago Oregon’s Attorney General advised the Board of Dentistry to STAND DOWN on its use of intimidation against mercury-free dentists saying the “gag order” was a violation of free speech rights.

That apparently didn’t stop the BOD which once again began harassing dentists who discussed dental health choices with a physician on a local television program.

After hearing about the BOD’s latest assault on health care providers, 3 diverse organizations have asked Attorney General Hardy Meyers to REIN IN the rogue BOD one more time. The groups are:

Consumers for Dental Choice Northwest , whose mission is to abolish the dangerous metal in dental fillings, says it is essential that dentists be able to advertise and advocate for mercury-free alternatives. The group is concerned that dentists are forced to hide the fact that mercury is toxic.

Oregonians for Life , believes there is an URGENT need to warn consumers about the serious risks of mercury on the developing fetus and pregnant and nursing women.

The pro-life organization says “protecting unborn babies from the harmful effects of mercury poisoning is critical” in light of  the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s findings that 1 in 6 women of reproductive age has dangerous levels of mercury in their bodies.

Oregon Center for Environmental Health is aware that mercury has devastating effects on both human health and the environment and believes dentists should be able to advertise that they offer alternatives to toxic fillings.

The group letter to the Attorney General further adds that the BOD’s continuing efforts to stifle free speech and consumer choice may expose the Board to a civil rights lawsuit if it continues to ignore the Attorney General’s order to abolish its “mercury-free” gag rule.

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